[NTLK] Newton Saved My "Bacon"

From: Gregg Aydelotte <graydelotte_at_bellsouth.net>
Date: Mon May 04 2009 - 22:07:59 EDT

Thought I'd relate a recent incident at work that showed the value of my
Newton (2000U). Before I had my Newton, I used a Palm several years ago,
but I tired of graffiti, so went back to paper. My job involves logging
done my work into categories, as it is accomplished, so I began to use
my Newton as searchable replacement for a calendar (quick glance) plus a
"Daytimer" type planner where I would write notes about my workday. One
day last week, I received a call from the boss about what I had done on
particular days. I was already familiar enough with the issue he was
tracking down to know that a work assignment had been missed because
someone else had failed to assign the work. I booted up my trusty
Newton and did a find for certain words, and voila! I had the answers.
It's nice to have stuff that just works.

Typed on my new to me Pismo,
G.R. Aydelotte

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