Re: [NTLK] Weird problem with my own postings to this list

From: Lord Groundhog <>
Date: Mon May 11 2009 - 03:57:25 EDT

~~~ On 2009/05/11 03:58, Alex Wenzel at wrote ~~~

> I encountered a strange problem with the emails from this list: While
> I receive all postings to this list (including the answers to my own
> postings), I never receive my own messages, so they're sorely missing
> in thread view in my email program.
> Background information: I set up a Gmail account especially for this
> list. All NTLK emails are forwarded (redirected) to my real email
> account. This works well, except for my own messages.
> Is the list set to not send your own postings to yourself? That's the
> only reason I can possibly come up with ATM. However, there might be a
> Gmail-specific reason, that I can't figure out.
> Any hints?

Hi Alex,

I have a slightly different take on your problem. I've been using Gmail
since it was Beta, with Entourage for Mac as my reader. I don't have the
problem you describe when I send from either my home or office ISP using the
native account settings. I get a copy of what I send to this or other lists
practically immediately.

But if I'm in a café or hotel and I send e-mail to any list, it depends upon
which travelling account I use. I have two, obtained at different times,
which provide me with a stable set of SMTP settings, because years ago when
travelling I found I was wasting time trying to find the right settings to
use the ISPs of hotels etc., to send my e-mails. These accounts provide a
secure SMTP address with correct settings.

Now the thing is, if I use one of them, although it sends my e-mails fine,
it doesn't give me a copy of mail sent to lists, but if I use the other, I
get the copies. Otherwise, there seems to be no difference between them.
I've compared their SMTP settings and I can't see that there's any reason
for the different performance.

I know that's not an answer, but it does suggest that the problem could have
more than one cause. Anyone else able to comment?


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