[NTLK] Connecting 2100 via ethernet

From: Marcus Bointon <marcus_at_synchromedia.co.uk>
Date: Mon May 11 2009 - 19:48:48 EDT

I'm trying to get my MP2100 connected to my Mac running Leopard, but
not having much luck. I've got a farallon ethernet card with newton
drivers installed, and it seems to recognise it correctly, and is set
to use it for AppleTalk. I've set the connection prefs to use
appletalk, and then when I run the dock app it usually (though not
always) lights up the LED on the ethernet connector and also on my

Meanwhile on my Mac Pro, I've enabled AppleTalk over ethernet and
disabled the firewall, and I'm running the latest NCX.

When I look in the Dock chooser on the newton, it says it's looking
for a mac to connect to, but it's not finding one.

Any ideas? Is my switch likely to not be able to route appletalk?
Could the newton ever do Appletalk over IP?

I also tried connecting directly to a spare ethernet port on my mac
pro, but couldn't convince it that it was connected to anything as the
newton only powers up the ethernet as it needs it, so the mac turns it

It turns out that I have got my original serial adaptor dongle, and by
some miracle have most of the cables, though I need a gender changer
to complete it.

Amazingly, my original battery pack is still working, and I also found
my AA battery carrier! I also have the original box with all manuals
and install floppies.


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