Re: [NTLK] Newton Art 1 month later

From: RAParker <>
Date: Sun May 17 2009 - 19:55:23 EDT

Well, I tried sending you my art, but the email address you posted on the blog site bounced my email. So, here we go... I'll try this other address from you.
First, note the attached picture. (NewtonTalkers will have this attachment stripped).

Next, here is the description I would like next to the picture.

---------------- BEGIN DESCRIPTION ----------------------------

This is the original graphic created for a tutorial I wrote called,

The entire tutorial was typed and edited using Newton Works on my eMate and MessagePad 2100. Final post production, was of course, done on my Mac.

Included in the GIF is the ultimate reason for experimenting with, as well
as documenting, my experiences. I get bragging rights for being truly
wireless, with my Newton. And, for having done so (probably) for the longest
amount of time than any other Newton user.

Ron A. Parker

Sent with Mail V and a Wireless MessagePad 2100.
       |\/|\ @ Newted.ORG
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       |\ |  @ TahoeSunsets.COM
From the "Who says, 'Size Doesn't Matter'" file:
   Ever notice, when someone comments on your Newton PDA,
   the first thing they say is, "Wow, that's a big one."
---------------- END DESCRIPTION ----------------------------
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