Re: [NTLK] European Users: Any original Newton Battery packs for

From: Lord Groundhog <>
Date: Tue May 19 2009 - 14:46:49 EDT

~~~ On 2009/05/19 18:24, Ryan Vetter at wrote ~~~

> I'm glad Sonny did point it out: offering free stuff to a business who profits
> significantly off of it...
> ...
> I've got to comment on something that was recently posted...
> Feeling that you must apologize?for pointing out what is just and right is
> NEARLY as lame as the initial posting that prompted your reply. ...
> ...
> Yes, a business should expect to pay for materials and equipment -- NOT seek
> donations -- from which they will profit.

Could I just point out that the OP did in fact introduce his request by

> ... im wondering if ... that they would be interested in selling. ...

So there was no attempt on his part to get "free stuff" from anybody so he
could "make a profit", although this criticism has been repeated or implied
more than once.

Unless I read Sonny's follow-up post wrong, he wasn't apologizing for
posting a criticism of the original post, but for implying that the OP had
asked for them to be given, instead of clearly stating that he was telling
the OP that he ought to tell us plainly how much he's offering for them. So
in his second post he apologized for the way he wrote the first post, and
stated clearly exactly what he was challenging.

So, Sonny was apologizing for mistakenly implying the same error that has
been repeated wrongly in this thread since then. Then he asked the OP to be
up-front about how much he was offering.

FWIW, I feel pretty strongly that people who invite others to buy something
ought to say how much they're expecting, and those who invite others to sell
ought to make an offer. Even if the person stating the initial price wants
to follow up with "but you can counter-offer" or "I'm happy to haggle" or
something, it saves a whole round of silly dancing about -- and worse. And
if the OP had done that here, this whole thing needn't have happened. But
that's just me.

As for the OP, I've picked up from past posts that he's not everyone's plate
of poutine, and I can see (or think I can) both sides of the argument
whether or not to let him post. Personally I'm happy with the standing
judgement to let him post as long as it's clear to us all that he's posting
commercially and not as a regular member of the community, and as long as
Grant continues to keep an eye out for blatant exploitation of the list.
But as I've already said, I agree that he should have made a clear offer, so
people could decide if they want to take him up on the offer or perhaps do
something else with their battery packs.

I like to think we're going to be fair even when we have to pull each other
up for something.

OK, I'll go back into my corner now....


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