Re: [NTLK] Linux PDA Similar to Newton

From: Lord Groundhog <>
Date: Wed May 20 2009 - 08:04:17 EDT

~~~ On 2009/05/20 06:38, M. Horvat at wrote ~~~

> That's not even remotely similar to a Newton - it looks like a cross between
> a Palm and smart"phones". It doesn't have the Apple elegance. And Linux is an
> obsolete OS because its influence comes from a 1970s OS, while the Newton OS
> is the most advanced OS ever. (Seriously.)
> -Matej Horvat

I'm inclined to agree, Matej. The thing looks to me like a kid's toy from a
sci-fi movie. And despite the size seeming to be on a parr with the Newton,
the screen actually is smaller, because they've cluttered the front case
with a load of junky buttons that wouldn't be necessary if they had a proper

And I see they have no HWR either. Pffft!

But I do like the idea of combining PDA with phone, just like Newtons would
have been if they hadn't been stopped. ;-) And of course the double CPU is
the right way to do it. I do wonder though how well-integrated all its
fnctions will be in practice. I can't imagine anything as tight and sleek
as my Newt.

Oh yeah, and the phone module is CDMA. Dumb beyond belief.


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łAny sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from a Newton.˛
            -- what Arthur C. Clarke meant
(With thanks to Chod Lang)

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