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From: Matthew T. Boulanger <matthewboulanger_at_mac.com>
Date: Wed May 20 2009 - 09:09:46 EDT

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My Web site discussing using the Apple Newton with GPS and GIS technologies has been relatively popular over the past few years. On average, it receives about 1-2 visitors per day. Recently, Apple decided to cease their support for their on-line "Homepage" application. This should not directly affect my page, but it does give me a reason to re-evaluate the page and how I'm maintaining it.

A while ago, I transitioned my personal site to Apple's new hosting environment (web.mac.com). During that process I revised all of the site in iWeb except for the Newton/GPS page. Apple's decision to eliminate Homepage has encouraged me to move the old Newton/GPS page over with the rest of my site, and to re-do the page in iWeb. Hopefully the change will allow me to keep a better eye on the page, and keep it a little fresher in my head. I will maintain the old version of the page for a few months, at which point I will place a redirection link. If anyone has any links pointing to the page, they should be revised to point to the new address:


As always, I am open to suggestions, comments, etc. on the page.

Unfortunately, the platen glass screen on my MP2100 shattered last year, so my Newton is officially out of order. That means that my experiments with the Newt/GPS setup are, for the time being, officially over.




Matthew Boulanger

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