Re: [NTLK] [OT] Speech Recognition & wrist stress

From: Andrei Chichak <>
Date: Thu May 21 2009 - 13:26:21 EDT

Many moons ago I started to get tingly little fingers (as opposed to
Stiff Little Fingers, but that's a different OT). I was typing
everyday for about 8 hours a day, that's how it is with programming.

Then I started programming on the Newton and the tingling went away.

Okay, it wasn't as simple as that. To program the Newton, back in the
beginning, you needed a Mac. I managed to snag a Quadra 840AV with a
19" Trinitron monitor and an Apple Adjustable keyboard. I was pretty
skeptical to begin with, but when my fingers stopped tingling, my
eyesight cleared up, and I saw how much better System 7 was than
windows 3.1, I was hooked.

Software development is my career, my eyes and hands are my tools. I
have yet to have an employer who would provide me with a good keyboard
or monitor, so I bring my own. Employers are happy to replace the
"box", but a $19 keyboard and shite monitor should be good enough for

I now use a Microsoft Natural keyboard which takes about 2 seconds to
learn and it keeps you from bad habits like hitting F with your right
hand. And like a DVORAK keyboard, nobody borrows your computer.


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