Re: [NTLK] Avi Backdrop images

From: R A Parker <QuadzillaNET_at_SBCGlobal.NET>
Date: Sat May 23 2009 - 02:55:00 EDT

> I have gone through the list
> archives and any tutorial I
> could find and still can't get
> one created, sigh. I am sure I
> have followed all the directions
> as carefully as I could,
> well on the one remaining
> tutorial I could find online.

Are you sure?

I found the instructions very easy and straight forward.

Are you using Newton Press on a Mac?

Have you paid special attention to the ISBN field of the Newton Press
document settings? It needs to begin with "A!" (without the quotes, of

I have, without too much effort, created several backdrops for my MP2100
from M.C. Escher art works. In fact, if you plan the image correctly, you
can even create auto rotating backdrops that automatically adjust and fill
the screen, even when changing your Newt's orientation.

You know, Escher was perhaps the first (and greatest) Newton inspired
handwriting sketcherist (yes, my dear pen-driven spell checker, I just
invented that word... taps [Ignore]) the world has ever seen. Check out
this site for ideas:


> The image I creatIed was at
> 388 x 256,

Well, size really doesn't matter, to a certain degree. The images I use
(for auto rotating backdrops) is 432x400.

> These images would not
> load into Newton Press, no
> matter how many times or
> combo's I tried.

Although Newton Press allows the "import" of images, I recommend using
GraphicConverter under Mac OS Classic and the cut & paste method. Trim your
image to the right size, set it to 4 bit grayscale, and then save it as a
PICT image format. Copy the image from GraphicConverter and then Paste the
image into the first page of a new Newton Press document. Be sure to set
the document options, file name, author, etc. Pay special attention the the
ISBN field. Save the document and then create the eBook.

> Any advice would
> be greatly appreciated.

Get a Mac?

Let me know if I can help. You could email me the original images you have
and I could create the backdrops for you. Or, if you would like, I could
email you the auto-rotating Escher backdrops which I've created.

MY Mac IS on in the other room.

Best regards,


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