Re: [NTLK] Avi Backdrop images

From: RAParker <QuadzillaNET_at_SBCGlobal.NET>
Date: Sat May 23 2009 - 11:12:06 EDT

On May 23, 2009, at 7:15 AM, Phil Muller wrote:
>> Are you sure?
> Of course I am sure.

Ah... faith, confidence, determination, hope... never knock a man down
with those kinds of virtues!

> I figured it out, I was missing
> one critical detail. I never tried
> importing a bitmap file into Newton
> Press. I should have tried every
> file format first, my apologies.

No apologies necessary. The question and answers may, one day, help
someone else. Thanks for asking!

> I would love to own a mac,
> unfortunately I don't have
> triple to the money to spend
> when it comes time to purchase
> a new machine, laughs.

aaa! The new stuff is over-rated. Never buy new, except maybe if it's a
refurbished 8GB iPhone for $100. Then I'd want (at least) like new.

> Don't you just love the those
> new Mac commercials?

I'll have to check them out... I don't have cable. Only my Newton, my
Mac and a high speed internet connection.

> On a more serious note though,
> I am am just getting back into the
> swing of things computer wise, and
> am currently trying to locate a
> reasonable priced older Mac for
> learning and development.

Someone else will also (already, by now) chime in. I've got several old
Macs for free + shipping. I'll be glad to boot one up, load it with the
latest OS and ship it out to you, at cost. What are you looking for?

> another newbie who's going to
> start programming for Newt,
> laughs. I am serious on this
> one though.

Will the last Newton Programmer, please... turn off the backlight when
you're finished. (Eckhart, is that you doin' all that tapping in the

> I need to modify some
> software, or create my own
> to track GPS movements in
> real-time by greying out the
> map or some other method.
> A little ambitious I know

Not at all... GPS on the Newton is a blast. Very little programming
skills required. Very rewarding. I still recommend using a Classic Mac.

> Anyway, enough babbling....thanks
> R A Parker, would love to see those
> M.C. escher backdrops!

You're welcome, the packages are attached. Sorry NewtonTalk users, they
will be stripped for your safety and copyright considerations. You
could always ask, though ;-) Maybe I'll upload some screen shots to
flickr or the (New!) Newton Art Blog this weekend.

Phil: let me know if you have any problems trying to load these
packages on your Newton. I can experiment with various zipping stuffing
prepping methods. Try them out, they're betas but good enough for
everyday use. One day I want to get's permission to allow
me to release them to the public. I'll finalize their size and
positioning then.

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