[NTLK] Does NCU not like big cards?

From: Brett Feinblatt <bafein_at_mac.com>
Date: Mon May 25 2009 - 21:41:08 EDT

I've got a 2x00, upgraded from 2000 to 2100. I use a 30 meg storage
card for most of my stuff.
It's pretty full now, and I've just tried for like the 8th time
tonight to back it up to my old G3 series Powerbook, the last one in
the bunch to use serial ports. It's running OS 9.2.1, BTW, with 256
mb RAM and plenty of HD space.

Thing is, it gets about part way through the package backup, and
either the Newt stops and complains about losing the connection, or
the Book freezes up and needs a reboot.

They're both hooked up to power supplies, so that's not the issue. My
Newt has the SER-001 serial port (thanks again, Doug), so it's not
the funky connector going wonky.

I've pared down the extras on the Mac's Extensions Manager to OS 9
All plus anything NCU might need.

Thing is, it works fine for short-term things like package xfrs - I
just used Newton Package Installer a few weeks ago, no prob.

So I figure it's either that NCU doesn't like big cards, or doesn't
like really full ones, or maybe it just doesn't like running on OS
9.2 so much. I already trashed a number of packages on the Newt that
I haven't used since I put them on, so it's got about 8 megs free.
That didn't change anything either.

I should also mention that I think my Newt's got a bit of whatever
the Newton version of fragmentation might be. PocketMoney and other
items have gotten pretty slow with new entries and so forth, despite
having plenty of space available. That's the main reason 'm trying to
backup now, so I can just do the backup, wipe the card, and put
everything back on. I'm now wondering if it might be that said
fragmentation is causing a little clogging of the serial arteries,
giving the Book a small clot when I try to backup.

So, it's either (1) NCU doesn't like big cards (2) NCU doesn't like
OS 9.2, (3) NCU doesn't like lots of stuff or (4) NCU doesn't like
jigsaw puzzles. Or (5) something I haven't thought of.

So, any ideas on where the problem might be?


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