Re: [NTLK] Fried 2100 board charging high capacity batteries

From: Lord Groundhog <>
Date: Tue May 26 2009 - 05:43:06 EDT

~~~ On 2009/05/25 16:44, James Fraser at wrote ~~~

> Hello,
> --- On Fri, 5/22/09, Lord Groundhog <> wrote:
>> ~~~ On 2009/05/22 23:07, Dan at
>> wrote ~~~
>>> Personally though I just use a sled and swap the
>>> batteries. Only takes a minute to have a full
>>> charge. Can't beat it for speed. ;)
>> I'll bite. Where does one find such a sled, or did
>> you make it yourself? It sounds like something worth getting.
> I didn't see a reply to your question, (did I err?) so I'll give it a go:
> The above links to an eBay listing for a MessagePad 2000/2100 AA battery tray
> (or "sled," whichever you prefer).
> It's not a very exciting piece of hardware, but my own thinking is that the
> eBay seller is offering it at a Very Exciting Price Point. :) Which is why I
> feel obliged to point out that I am not affiliated with the seller, cannot
> vouch for them, and merely offer the link as a quick-and-dirty way of
> familiarising you with the item in question.
> If you don't already have one, a WTB post on the list might net you one at a
> much more soothing price.
> Best,
> James Fraser

Thanks for that James. I did start to wonder if this was something
home-made, and no one else knew anything about it. The thing you've linked
to, I have already.

Because he didn't call it a "tray", I thought Dan meant some kind of
external charger for the rechargeable battery packs: so I could keep
swapping battery packs between my Newts and the charger. Now that would be
something wouldn't it?

I have to admit I only use my battery tray as backup for my rechargeable
packs when travelling. Useful, and it saved me once when I was away from
electricity for an extended period, but for regular use I prefer my
rechargeable packs -- beautifully and expertly re-celled by Frank, of
course! ;-)


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