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Cafe press was just the example that came to mind, I've seen at least one other site offering services like them but I can't remember their name but I can dig through my bookmarks to see if I can find it if you'd like to check them out? (the site had some cool shirts created by fans of the Firefly series). As to quality, I can't comment as I've never bought anything from any site with that type of service.
My 2 cents on color/design:
I like the idea of black, dark green or grey shirts. I don't really like the idea of an apple company logo. Since the newt has been kept alive and more recently saved by the community not apple* I'd just like to represent NewtonTalk and everyone in this great community..... I think one of the designs should include at least a small "inside joke" reference to the newt cheating its 2010 death.
Just my 2 cents though.

*please note that I'm still sore at apple not only for the lack of a real newt successor but also for killing off all G3 support in 10.5. My Ibook is ONLY 7.5 years old and still works great :-) except that pesky 10.5 issue. Flashy graphics isn't required for good system software ( example: System 6). Little OT but thanks for listening :-D

Joe Reilly
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On May 26, 2009, at 4:59 PM, Tony Kan wrote:

> If requests are being received then just the logo without any
> lettering would be preferable. Less is more.

Details will follow shortly, but I will confirm that there will be
several designs, shirt styles, sizes, and colours made available. Plus

Cafe Press is not one of the companies being considered, as I've never
been a big fan of their overall quality.



Grant Hutchinson

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