[NTLK] WiFi problems again

From: David Neale <david.neale_at_telenet.be>
Date: Wed May 27 2009 - 07:29:27 EDT

When I lived in Belgium, some years ago, I was able to set up and use
a WiFi connection between my MP2100s and an iMac, under Panther and
earlier versions of MacOS X, passing through a Snow Airport. Come to
think of it, the fact that I could reach the iMac is of little
importance, as that was merely an "email connection" -- I could, of
course, reach anyone by email. The important part of the chain, then,
was the Snow Airport and it all worked fine.

Now in Spain and after a few years without such a setup, I've been
trying again to establish a similar connection. Same MP2100s and Snow
Airport. (Actually, I started trying earlier this year and had a
thread about the problems in February already. Since then I don't know
how many times I've been through the setup, trying all sorts of
combinations of parameters and losing even more hair.)

The Lucent Technologies WiFi card in the MP2100s seems to be working.
The Airport was setup under Leopard (not ideal). Now, when I try to
connect from the MP2100s, I get the following error during Mail V
sending after the Connecting window, but during the Initializing window:

Newton, Sorry a problem has occurred. (-48404).

This happens with both MP2100s.

In an effort to locate the problem, I have cleaned all but the
standard installed apps from one of the MP2100s, including the
packages needed for the Lucent card (802.11b WaveLAN), Internet Setup,
Newton Devices, Newton Internet, NIE Ethernet Module, NIE Patch, and
reinstalled them all, together with SimpleMail.

Same error.

I have removed the WEP protection from the Airport.

Same error.

Any ideas? Any ways of testing further? Anything?


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