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From: Stefan Thorsteinson <>
Date: Wed May 27 2009 - 09:51:27 EDT


I've got a Hi-Res PDF. Yikes, it's a little big...91MB (600dpi color). I ran
optimize for a slightly smaller file to reduce it to 22MB(I'll guess 300dpi
color). The larger file will likely have the cropped portion of pages tucked
away inside it as I scanned the open book for two pages at a time then
played with the pages to make the file read as single page instead of a mix
of single and dual.
If you would prefer the open book version, I have the original scan at
64MB(600dpi color) which is fun to read as some of the pages are upside
down. ("Frogive the ineptitude) ;).

My original estimate on page count was a little skewed as I included adverts
in the count. It's actually 12 pages total. The PDF spares the reader of
commercials. The file consists of the cover (mailing label removed by the
"gifter" of the magazine), TOC page and 10 pages of article. I'll be sending
a BONUS page in a separate email of a 1/2 page article "Apple's Comeback"
which has a photo of Steve Jobs with a serious look on his face and a
balloon over his head: "I can report, I think for sure, that Apple is coming
I thought it was cute. Yes, it's also available for anyone who wants it.
Perhaps, someone with more skill than I, has the means to make the files
available for download for others.

Those who requested should be seeing their email bog down shortly with the
22MB version. I'll also CC UNNA. (Thanks Morgan)


Thank you,
Stefan Thorsteinson

Aircom Industries
9328 – 37 Ave.
Edmonton, AB
T6E 5K3
PH:      780 434-6916
FX:      780 434-6911
CELL: 780 907-7258

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> PC Magazine, Vol.17 No.5, March 10. 1998. Front cover:
> "Hold It! Finally-Hand-Held computers worth carrying"

> but I can create a PDF for someone else to.
> Let me know if there is interest and I'll see what I can do.

I, for one, would be interested in a pdf.



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