[NTLK] -10600 error on my Newton...

From: Ed Kummel <tech_ed_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Thu May 28 2009 - 13:25:58 EDT

Well...the subject basically tells the story..
But here is the filler.
I reset the Newt with no cards and no packages loading and I get a message:
Storage - Sorry, a problem has occurred, -10600.
The I hit OK and it says:
Backdrop - The Backdro "Notepad" failed to open so it was set to Notes.
Then the Newt shows a blank screen.
Notepad isn't visable in list of apps...probably because it is still listed as being the backdrop, but if I use Dashboard's launcher to open notes, it tells me:
Sorry, a problem has occurred, (-8007).
How this occured, I believe is I was sorting through my Notes getting rid of old notes that were no longer revelant (goes all the way back to 1996) when all of a sudden the Newt pops up that -10600 error. I reset the Newt and now this is where I sit.
I suspect that a hard reset is in order...but here's the rub...I don't have a recent backup of my notes. The reason being is that something is corrupt in my notes...I don't know what, but whenever I attempt a backup, it fails while backing up Notes. That was what I was hoping to find when I was sorting through my notes...but the error beat me to it!
So, here is my question.
I have TrashPak on the Newt. If I move the soups to my memory card, reset the Newt and then move the soups back to the Newt, will this effectivly keep all my data intact? I have a spare Newt to test this on, just gotta find it first...but if someone has already done this and has some information, it would be very helpful.
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