Re: [NTLK] ethernet success

From: brett johnson <>
Date: Thu May 28 2009 - 23:57:09 EDT

Glad to hear you got everything connected! I am also connecting via ethernet to my leopard notebook, but the connection is really spotty. Did you ever have any issues with it only connecting sometimes?
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From: Bob Carls Dudney <>

Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 20:41:56
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Subject: [NTLK] ethernet success

After much trial and error,* finally succeeded E-net connections to
Leopard (PB G4) via NCX, and to internet. (MP 2100)

What works, required:

EthernetDock.pkg included with NCX (1.2)
      = "Ethernet" as Dock connection type
Using DHCP auto configuration (not manual) in Internet Setup
Starting up NCX before searching for desktop
Re-searching for desktop most attempts
       (occasionally works without searching first)
Only ASCII characters in desktop name (unicode no worky).
NetGear router RP614 (only one I have/tried)
Guyot's NIE patch
Victor Rehorst's instructions**
NCX allowed incoming connections in Firewall
        (if "Set access.." selected)
second attempt usually when first fails
        (often requires restarting NCX)
if fails second time, restart Newton
*Farallon driver also needed for 3COM cards


note: when setup correct, connecting takes seconds,
      much less than a minute

What didn't work:

TCP/IP packages, including Guyot's and Tempelmann's (although may be
necessary to find desktop first time, per NCX Readme)

crossover cable to Newton; or directly between PB and Newton (as NCX
guide warns)

With utmost hearty thanks to all the dedicated Newtonians providing
above software! Ain't nuttin' like a Newt, and Newties!

Good luck!


On 12/5/09, Marcus Bointon wrote:
>Well, I've made a little progress. On boot I get an error from the
>DockTCP extension, and ethernet is not available as an option for
>connection, only AppleTalk. However, I have managed to get NewtSync to
>start a connection (from the MP end), and it activates the ethernet
>card, fires up DHCP and gets a correct IP address, however, it then
>fails to connect to newtsync running on my mac.
>I've ordered a serial adapter that should get my serial connection
>working instead - I just need to stop these blasted date reminders
>from popping up (they also seem to suck up all the CPU and it goes
>very slowly), but I need a connection to install the 2010 patch
>reminder wiper...
>Marcus Bointon
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