[NTLK] Rép : Graphics to MacOS X serially?

From: Bertrand LAMBERT <bertrand.lambert_at_wanadoo.fr>
Date: Sun May 31 2009 - 06:35:25 EDT

Le 31 mai 2009 à 11:34, David Neale a écrit :

> Configuration: Manual

It's better to have the complete setups in his hand.

> Card: Lucent WaveLAN/IEEE

This is your card, no comment

> Subnet Mask:

You can communicate with all subnetworks.

> Local IP Address: (Why? No idea, other than that I saw this
> used on a working setup somewhere)

This is the IP address of your card, I think that some of type will be more cute to work in a 10.0.1.x subnetwork

> Gateway/Router Address: (This is the IP address of my
> Airport)

No, I think that's the address of your internet gateway, the address
of which is called the LAN (Local Area Network), the "in" side of you
network. The "out" side of your network is some thing completely
different which is called WAN (Wide Area Network), it's the Internet
network, the outside world.
Your modem will do all network address translation with NAT (Network
Address Translation) system.

> Primary DNS/Name Server Address: (I have no idea why, but saw
> it used on a working setup -- it is, I believe, also the address of my
> iMac, but I do not know if this is of any significance -- I don't see
> that I need to use the iMac in any way)

I think it's the LAN address of your Airport which communicates
directly with your Newton.
A DNS is for Dynamic Name Service, these are systems (computers with
network services) that translate the domain name (as www.google.com)
in an IP address (as, you must access these systems to
get connection with oher computers on the Internet network.

> Alternate DNS/Name Sarver Address: (same comment)

This can be an other DNS system in case of failure of the first one.

> Domain Name: <None>

This is not mandatory to give one, inside of working network area, you
must access internet via firewalls or proxy system (filter) and you
must set one.

I hope this will help you.

Apologize my bad english, I'm a french guy and do my best.


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