Re: [NTLK] Graphics to MacOS X serially? [was WiFi problems again]

From: David Neale <>
Date: Sun May 31 2009 - 07:14:35 EDT


I gave up on DHCP server a couple of weeks ago. I was trying to
connect with SimpleMail at the time (I changed to Mail V on the advice
of someone in this list about a week ago).

Trying a setup with

Configuration: DHCP Server

the Connecting panel was displayed for over a minute and then
SimpleMail returned the error:

SimpleMail: Problem connecting. DHCP server unavailable or unable to
configure this device.

I still have an Internet Setup for DHCP Server, but similar error is
returned when I use it now with Mail V , so I do almost all testing
with a Manual configuration setup. I'd love to be able to use DHCP
Server, as it is looks so simple and I don't need to know all sorts of
weird codes and expressions, but I seem to get a bit further with the
Manual setup.

There really is a confusion of advice and suggestion, so what I'd like
to be able to do is to get this working and then make a page to
explain the setup for this particular configuration. Hard going, though!


On 31 May 2009, at 12:21, Tony Kan wrote:

> David
> Thanks for sharing the exact configuration settings you have on your
> Newton
> Internet Setup. Let me chime in here but if anyone thinks they know
> better
> please sing out:
> 1. Local IP address and subnet mask: This should be automatically
> allocated by
> the network DHCP server and you shouldn't need to set this. When
> you fill out
> the Internet Setup slip use "DHCP Server" not Manual.
> Fixing the numbers and the subnet mask yourself particularly when
> you don't know
> what you're doing can create network confusion. For example every
> device on
> your network should have a different and unique IP address. By
> letting the DHCP
> server allocate IP addresses you avoid all the complexity.
> 2. Card: looks OK
> 3. Domain Name: set at None looks OK too.
> Have a crack at that and let us know how you get on.
> Cheers
> Tony.

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