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Clinton Yelvington cyelvington at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 15:32:38 EST 2009

Long-time lurker here... I haven't used a Newton in some time, as my  
2100 bit it after I  attempted a backlight replacement and I lost some  
of the screws in the process. Tis a crying shame. I still have a  
functioning eMate which I 2k10-patched (Thanks, Eckhart) and played  
with for a bit afterwards but it's just not the same as a 2100.

Regardless of my newton-owning status, I still enjoy reading the  
conversations on this list. It's just nice to see that the Newton has  
lasted this long posthumously. I hope that people keep it alive as  
long as possible.

I have an iPhone 3G now, but I wish Apple would do with the english  
input what it does with the Chinese...

Clinton Yelvington
cyelvington at gmail.com

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> Welcome to the NewtonTalk mailing list.

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