[NTLK] How to move Newtpaint items to flashcard

M. Horvat redjazz_slo at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 14 15:18:02 EST 2009

You could try using a soup editor (StewPot is my favorite, but I'm not sure it works with 2x00s) and move them to the card, or just move the whole soup. It should still be able to read the entries from the card since the usual method to get access to a soup in NewtonScript is to use the GetUnionSoup function which, of course, returns the union soup - which is a virtual soup merging all entries on soups from all stores. In case you don't understand, don't worry. If it won't read them from the card just move individual entries back to the internal store when you want to access them and then move them back.

-Matej Horvat


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