[NTLK] WTB Replacement Screen

Neal Trembath ntrembat2002 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 20 22:36:49 EST 2009

Actually, it was meteor shower particles passing through my brain.  Or lack of sleep from staying up to watch.  The Newton was fine until I dropped a power adaptor on its unprotected screen.  (The bottom inch of the screen still works somehow—it's like writing in Graffiti-Palm.)

>>> screen cracked (meteor shower casualty)

>> Can't let that one go by: dying for details how a meteor shower and
>> cracked screen are related.

>I have to say, as much as I love Newt, if I could show off the tell-tale
>marks of a meteorite particle passing through it, I'd be tempted to switch
>to another Newton and retire this one, its wound of honour intact.  After
>all, just imagine what a great story it would be to tell your grandkids,
>complete with the visual aid.    ;-)


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