[NTLK] [ANN] Newton Connection Tools to support UNNA

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Sat Nov 21 22:19:14 EST 2009

This is great news and I applaud everyone involved (especially the
developer!), but I tend to avoid software that is "locked" to my newton.
 It is over 10 years old after all and while working fine now, I may
have to get a new one in the future and would loose this software, my
backups made with it etc.  I have already been bit by that more than
once when I had to change newtons rendering the software I purchased
unavailable.  Thankfully some of those items were released into the
public domain.

Regardless I wish again thank everyone involved.


On 11/17/2009 5:07 PM, Andy Hill wrote:
> Hi there
> Announcement.
> I am delighted to inform all windows/newton users that Andy Galluzzi has 
> decided to donate all future license fees for Newton Connection Tools to 
> support the upkeep and maintenance of UNNA. The license fee is still set 
> at $45 but as you can see from the link, the whole fee will go to 
> continue to support UNNA directly.
> http://usuarios.arnet.com.ar/mtu16/index.htm
> Furthermore I wanted to say that from my own personal experience this is 
> superb software for newton/windows users and is able to do the following:
>    1. Syncs contacts and dates with Outlook.
>    2. Allows for full or selected backups
>    3. Restore
>    4. Includes a comprehensive database of Newton software links and
>       automatically downloads and installs when you choose them
>    5. Or you can choose the standard installer for packages you already
>       have downloaded
>    6. There's no need to use Slowdown when transferring or doing anything!!
>    7. Supports serial / usb adapter connections (not tried this
>       personally yet)
>    8. Has an excellent drag and drop export / import function for
>       textual notes (not diagrams) into rtf
>    9. Import / export mail to and from Newton to Outlook. Simply drag
>       items from one to the other.
>   10. Keyboard pass-through (similar to NCU)
> It has many other quality features which the more technically minded 
> will appreciate. Also I can vouch for the fact that the author is very 
> responsive if you have any difficulties. He has helped me out with 
> several issues.
> I would highly recommend this for both its utility and for the gesture 
> of support.
> Please be reassured that I am not benefiting from promoting this in any 
> way. I paid a full license fee for my MP2000 back in May 2008.
> Best wishes
> Andy

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