[NTLK] Connection woes!

Boyer Jason jasonandrewboyer at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 14:20:17 EST 2009

Update.  The Macbook OS X attempt seemed most promising, so I continued messing with it last night.  I abandoned the control panel network settings as suggested.  Making sure that the Keyspan serial port 1 was selected in Newton Connection and "serial" was chosen in Dock, I'm actually able to get it to connect about 15% of the time, just for 60 seconds or so.  I've successfully transferred a few very small packages, but the connection always times out on the Newton side during package transfers of larger than 80K or so.

Once the connection has failed, I have to embark on an arduous reset process, in order to try to reestablish communication.  This involves rebooting the software, rebooting OS X, unplugging the Keyspan, and restarting the Newton.  I'm not sure what the magic combination is, but eventually I can get them to talk again, for just a minute or so before it times out again.

I suspect the problem may be in Newton Connection.  Because the Newton itself tells me the connection has timed out, but the OS X side never notifies me, it may be hanging.  Combine that with the fact that the software freezes when I go into preferences and attempt to make changes to the serial port it uses.  I'm wondering if it's my intel book or Snow Leopard that is the issue.  Has anyone had similar experiences?


On Nov 22, 2009, at 3:32 AM, Don Zahniser wrote:

> Hi, Jason - 
> On 11/21/09, Boyer Jason wrote:
>> I'm frustrated.
> It's happened to us all, I'm sure.
>> Thanks to the help of several members, I got my shiny new serial
>> interconnect, an 8 pin serial cable, a Keyspan 28X usb to serial dongle,
>> and a 20 MB flash card, all tools to connect my new MP2100.  Couple that
>> with two computer options, a Lombard PB with 9.2.2 and a Macbook Pro
>> with 10.6.
>> Attempt 1: Lombard PB with Keyspan to serial connection and Newton
>> Connection Utilities.  Installed the Keyspan drivers from their website
>> and plugged in the dongle.  
> Someone with direct experience will have to chime in here.  However -
> since the Lombard is closely related to the Pismo, I would suggest
> making sure that you use the upper USB port.  On my Pismo, the upper
> port seems to have better power characteristics.
> Also - what kind of 8-pin cable did you get?  There's a 'straight
> through' cable and a 'printer' cable.  Not sure which is the correct one
> in this case, but suspect it would be the 'printer' cable.
>> Attempt 2: Plugged the flash drive into the Lombard in hopes of manually
>> transferring some packages.  OS 9 sees it as a PCMCIA device in Finder
>> and refuses to let me see the contents or put any files on it.  Finder
>> claims that it isn't a storage device.  Doh!  Seems to work fine on the
>> Newton, however.
> The Newton has its own data format; the short answer is that you can't
> exchange data between the Newton and a PC or Mac by moving the card
> between computers.
>> Attempt 3: Macbook Pro with Newton Connection 1.2 software and cable
>> setup.  Keyspan OS X drivers appeared to install much more successfully
>> here, although the dongle appears as three different modem ports in
>> Network Connections.  I gave each a configuration named "Newton", but
>> wasn't sure what else to specify as normal modem designations didn't
>> seem to apply.  Again, following the connection instructions in Newton
>> Connection manual, and trying to connect via Newton Dock using all sorts
>> of combinations, I can't get anybody to talk.
> I'm not sure that the configuration in Network Connections is an issue. 
> Do you get three different serial ports appearing in NCX Preferences?
> - Don
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