[NTLK] Y2010 Fix

David Herrera dherrera at wirelessbeehive.com
Tue Nov 24 22:26:18 EST 2009

Hello to All Newton Users,
I've had mine for about 10 years now and thoroughly enjoy using it. I have watched and read all post with regards to the 2010 problem. Downloaded the patch and applied it according to the instructions. Upon reboot, every thing seemed normal. Was able to write notes (New Note) and all looked well. Then I noticed that the date and time seemed a little odd. I went to set the date and the date is at Jan 1, 2025. Set the date back to a current date and when I close the app, it freezes. Pulled the battery (this is the original battery by the way) and reinserted, turned on the Newt, went through all the boot to the Notes screen. Everything seem to work except for the date. No matter if I set the date to current, before or just before the current, it still the same. I really haven't used the Newt to set to-dos, meeting, etc. Any help on where I need to go next would be helpful. If this helps, I have another 2100 that I applied the patch in the same way and it works perfect. Thanks again to everyone who still uses the Newt. It was and still is a great device.

David T 

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