[NTLK] CNET UK: Newton vs iPhone

Lloyd Conway ssg_conway at fastermac.net
Sat Nov 28 09:27:34 EST 2009

      The article was both funny and interesting, especially for me,  
as a Newt Newbie (MP 130 since 7/09).  I have a question:  Does  
anybody know of an e-mail program that works with the MP 130?  E-mail  
is about all that I need, aside from e-book reader capability, to be  
as set as Mr. Glass was in the '90s for road use.  (I've not yet  
figured out how to make the Newt work with any of my vintage Macs, in  
spite of a working IrDa port and a good serial cable, so adding  
software is also a temporary bottleneck.)  My 130 is running 2.0, and  
has CIS Mail and E-world already loaded.  I don't want to pay $17.95/ 
mo. for AOL/CIS to give me an address and dial-up service  
(duplicating what I already have, in the latter case.)  Like the  
previous writer, I fax with it, using an Apple Newton fax or a serial  
Global Village 56K, and prefer it to my 4-in-1 fax/copier/printer/ 
scanner for that.  I also use a StyleWriter II for printing, and find  
it to work fine for all tasks, even page-length letters.
      Any help or advice on the e-mail or data transfer front is  
appreciated.  Thank you.
-Lloyd Conway

On Nov 28, 2009, at 3:12 AM, Jon Glass wrote:

> The thing is, there was no iPhone in the 90s. When I needed it, the
> Newton came on stage. At the time, laptops were huge and unwieldy, and
> expensive as all get out--I couldn't afford one. I found a $400 MP120
> on AOL, from a fellow forum member, and for the next 2+ years, it
> became my on-the-road computer. It was my contact database as I
> traveled to meetings, allowed email (I was receiving over 20 emails a
> day on AOL, and my wife an equal amount. I used the Newton, together
> with my StyleWriterII to write and print letters and envelopes (using
> just the built-in Notepad).
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