[NTLK] Installing from PCMCIA card?

Bob Carls Dudney kosmicdollop at saber.net
Sun Nov 29 15:39:52 EST 2009

On 29/11/09, R A Parker wrote: 
>move packages from a card that contains everything you need to get 
>Ethernet or WiFi working

Don't know about WiFi, but some of ethernet and/or internet enabler 
packages can't be installed to a card.

A workaround is to back up to a card and then restore them onto the 
new Newton, either with built-in backup or SBM Utilities.

If not familiar with restoring, one needs to be careful to check ONLY 
the soups and packages one wants added to the internal store, as it 
will replace any already present that have same name = good-bye data.

>may never need serial connection again.
>with Ethernet card and a Mac, all things are possible

I find serial connection generally easier and more reliable. Ethernet 
also requires correct driver(s) for ones card, plus finding/entering 
and/or guessing a number of correct settings = rather fiddly!

I just use ethernet when I occasionally email from Newt.

Good luck!


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