Re: [NTLK] FTP in/Out NewtonWorks?

From: SteveC <>
Date: Tue Sep 01 2009 - 10:26:21 EDT

I like the word proc features in Works, and have written quite a bit of
stuff with it. The issue is getting it off the Newt (and eMate) with
formatting intact. I'm not concerned with images or drawing, just text with
paragraph marks and bold/underline/etc. I was hoping that anyone who
understood what was going on with NCU might be able to say "oh yeah, here is
a command-line app that reads the Works spew and converts it to RTF" that I
could harness into something else.

I have played a bit with NewtScript and Waba and NewtCard and NSBasic. I
think there are already great solutions for manipulating and using data on
the MP/emate, but the (Windows) desktop is the part that is kind of lacking.
I write Windoze software in My Real Job (TM) and am willing to take a stab
at this.

My dream implementation is
1. Have a Windows FTP site setup that can take a Works document
2. Have a little Windows app wait for the filesystem event and convert the
file to RTF
3. Have a little Windows app wait for a conversion completed event and move
it or email me
4. Write something on my desktop and save it to RTF and drop it on a
5. Have a little Windows watch the Windows "save" directory and convert the
RTF to a .pkg
6. Have a little Windows app wait for a conversion completed event and move
it to the FTP site.

Items (2) and (5) are the parts I really need to work on, I think.

Maybe my implementation concept is skewed. Anyway, I have friends that are
interested in the eMate for its "instant on word processing" capability, but
they are not-tech-folks and will have zero tolerance for probably anything
more than my dream implementation.

Is there a "how to decode Works" document on the web that I didn't find?

I am aware of Newtscape's capabilities, I paid-up for the latest (last?)
version this Spring. One of the reasons I got it was because it looks like
the best book maker out there. But what I need is a 2-way Works worker.


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> I'm thinking again about import and
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