Re: [NTLK] New Sony eReader PRS-600: Newton/Kindle Killer?

From: Larry Yaeger <>
Date: Tue Sep 01 2009 - 18:21:46 EDT

At 2:17 PM -0400 9/1/09, Dan wrote:
>On 9/1/2009 1:13 AM, Ryan Vetter wrote:
> > Well, the title is flashy, I know it is more complicated in terms of what a user prefers, but the new Sony eReaders (PRS-600) look pretty good.>
> >
>> Ryan
>Interesting, is this the unit that does not need power to maintain
>displaying a page? If so they measure the battery in page turns which
>seems like it was 15-20 books.
>The screen does look nice and sharp (from that video anyway). From what
>I have heard the Sony reader is much better than the Kindle. It has
>been a while since I looked into the specs but I seem to remember
>getting books into the kindle was similar to the rocketbook and either
>required extra software (which they charged you for) or you had to
>upload it to a server that allowed you a certain amount of space and
>download it into the Kindle from there.
>I really can't imagine what these manufacturers are thinking, it is not
>that hard to design a unit that everyone wants rather than keep trying
>to force what we don't want on us. Though the Sony is getting closer.

FWIW, what you describe, Dan, sounds more like the Sony reader than the Kindle. With Kindle you just order the e-book online and it is automatically delivered, wirelessly, to your Kindle. You *can* download to your computer and transfer to the Kindle via USB, but the only time you'd want to do that is if, say, you were in a foreign country or some place with no cell signal or licensing agreement. Then it's nice to have the option, but the default mode is effortless with the Kindle. And there's really nice syncing with the iPhone Kindle app, so if you read for a while on one device, when you go to read that book on the other device it offers to take you to the furthest page read. Nice and seamless.

By contrast, the Sony reader requires you to tether the device and use a special application to purchase and download books. And that application used to be Windows-only, which was a complete deal-breaker for me, though, interestingly, I see on the page for this PRS-600 that they claim to support Mac OS X now. That's the first I'd heard that.

Personally, though, with all the fairly believable rumors about a small form-factor device coming from Apple this Fall, I'd wait to see what that is before purchasing. I had the Kindle 1 and now have the Kindle 2, and I love them, but they don't support PDF files very well. The new large-format Kindle does support PDF files natively. So I'd be thinking seriously about getting one, except I really want to see what Apple comes out with first.

- larryy

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