Re: [NTLK] Returning to the list and a working Notes to PDF solution

From: Karl Maftoum <>
Date: Wed Sep 02 2009 - 09:58:15 EDT


Sorry for the tardiness in replying, I've been quite busy with work

To summarise the Notes<->PDF solution,

Firstly, I used my pre-existing Appletalk setup on my home LAN which
has a hardware Appletalk router (for Localtalk<->Ethernet bridging and
being able to share to my vintage Macs) and Solaris server, this was
more for convenience, there should be no reason a single OS X machine
wouldn't substitute.

The whole setup is based around CUPS-PDF as described in this thread:

But instead of using the LPR driver (I had exactly the same issue with
sketches - it seems to just hang for some reason), I simply used
Netatalk to export the CUPS-PDF printer as a Appletalk printer.

I am going to try and replicate the setup using just my OS X machine
over the next few days, I will report back, I do recall that Netatalk
can be used to seed zones so it should be possible.

Additionally, for 1.x users, I can't see any reason this wouldn't work
with 1.x over Localtalk (if you can get a Localtalk<->Ethernet bridge,
an old Mac will usually do) - I am going to get my 110 out and give
it a try.


- When configuring Netatalk, don't use the 'cupsautoadd' option in
papd.conf. It doesn't seem to quite work right with CUPS-PDF.
- Make sure you test the system in stages, i.e. get CUPS-PDF working
as a 'normal' printer before trying to get Netatalk to work
- Use the 'pap' utility to send some postscript first to test, it
saves a lot of time to debug it here first.
- Don't give the Appletalk printer and the CUPS printer the same name,
it seems to be a bit odd.
- Look out for permission issues (this might be a Solaris thing).

The main thing to keep in mind is to keep the newton as "native" as
possible as debugging printing issues on the Newt is very difficult.
Most times when I had problems with CUPS the Newt would just come up
with a timeout error with no other info, this is why I recommend using
'pap' to send print jobs.

I will endeavour to get an "all-in-one" OS X solution and post the
results, but if anyone wants to try it out as I have described above
I'm happy to help with any issues you may have.


On 01/09/2009, at 5:47 AM, Jacob Evans wrote:

> On Aug 30, 2009, at 2:48 AM, Karl Maftoum wrote:
>> If anyone is interested I can provide more information on how it is
>> configured.
> Count me interested :-)
> Jacob
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