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Well aren't we essentially talking about two different devices in this thread? Everyone keeps saying Newton and tablet in the same sentence but they are two different devices. If apple had released an iPod PDA that was double the size of the iPod touch, had hwr, used iphone OS and had multi touch but also came with one of those stylus available for multi touch we'd be closer to a new Newton then ever but still light years from a full osx tablet. I think apple sees a market for a larger iTouch PDA/MID, but I think its going to be the same as when everyone with an iPod wanted video and it took them forever to finally add it in and now video on iPod has taken off. I also think they want to wait till the iphone is off att to see if a PDA/MID market is still there. Plus for a tablet (which again is a different device) the market may be larger than some of you are thinking but its probably still not as large as the rest of you think and either way a Mac tablet is a bigger hardware/software engineering leap than a
larger PDA which would just use all the existing iphone hardware/software with a larger screen. So really no matter how small or large the tablet market is I don't think apple will act on it until it reaches critical mass.
Really the disappointing thing about yesterday was how lame the iPod touch upgrade was compared to the nano, especially since apple keeps saying the iPod touch is the hottest selling iPod ever. They should have at least put a camera and FM radio in the new itouch even if that meant not dropping the price. The fact that they are ignoring (feature-wise) what is becoming their flagship iPod product has Osborne effect* written all over it as people will now wait for the next iPod touch that actually has feature upgrades and new features (Voice Control is such rubbish, no one asked for it). They may get some new itouch sales but people with a 2g itouch have no reason to upgrade, people with a 1g itouch (myself included) that have heldout this long waiting for a 3g that eclipses the 2g likewise have no reason to upgrade yet and people that have been waiting for a larger apple PDA also are going to keep holding out, so all apple did with yesterdays iPod touch 'upgrade' (and lack of a larger iPod PDA) was shot sales
 in the foot when they could've made sales sky rocket! (for more then just the tween market products that is).

Just my half baked opinion though :-)

Joe Reilly

*yes I realize they haven't announced the 4g yet so its not true Osborne effect but it is it's cousin.
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Goodwin, Greg P. wrote:
> I think we've already established why there is no Newton/Apple tablet being released. Too small a market.

Of course, so was the market for the iPod and look where that has led.
Sure there were mp3 players before but they were the analogues of the
current tablet computers. It was Apple's stance of "doing it right" with
the first iPod that resulted in the current iTouch, iPhone, and iPod demand.

Based on all the nay-sayers, then Apple should NEVER have created the
Newton in the first place since the market was too small for it. The
facts that it was never properly supported and the early models had
major problems are what probably kept it from becoming the iPod of its day.

Dennis B. Swaney
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