Re: [NTLK] No iNewton announced today

From: Ryan Vetter <>
Date: Thu Sep 10 2009 - 14:03:55 EDT

Tablets will succeed, and open up many new possibilities, once they are done right. Apple will likely offer the most innovative product in this category, with some backend services, like they did with mp3 players, and others will slowly but surely follow and catch up in the years that follow. The fact that we have advanced multi-touch interfaces makes tablets much more compelling than they were prior to the widespread adoption of multi-touch.

Thinking that a tablet computer should be something you can carry in your pocket is a mistake. It is simply like a laptop but more mobile with both similar and different uses.

You will see people at the cafe reading RSS feeds and other materials for hours on end. Vertical markets... doctors, researchers, libraries, businesses...

The iPhone and iPod have been good indoctrination devices for tablets...

It will also cannabalize some eReader sales, although those are going very strong right now (Sony cannot keep up with demand for its new eReaders).

All of this... because a new computing paradigm (tablet computers) is required in this information age. People are more mobile, they are reading more and more, and laptops are inferior in this respect to tablets.

Jon Glass wrote: --------------------------------------------
Tablets do not really make good, general purpose devices because of
the physics of the device....

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