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From: Dan <>
Date: Fri Sep 11 2009 - 00:52:09 EDT

On 9/10/2009 10:29 PM, SteveCraft wrote:
> > Following this link:
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > I started to make some kids eBooks to fit on an eMate. Then I started to
> > make a couple for my 2100. Now I'd really really like to make a
couple that
> > will fit and rotate as needed. Am I wasting my time thinking I can
do such a
> > thing?
> >
Ok I have made notes below. Basically if I understand what you are
asking, you would like to make one book able to have several versions in
it? Yes this should be in theory, possible, in reality we were never
given the tools to make this easy. If the Newton was not canceled when
it was, probably in another 6 months to a year, we would have had this
added to bookmaker and Press. I have done a bit of hacking and did
manage to create one...that sort of worked. But the paging was off
slightly enough that after so many pages you lost a word or a sentence.
 There was a another project that looked promising and was a simpler
bookmaking system, but worked a bit like press. But that project died
some time ago or at least I have not heard from him in a long time. It
did have a few bugs in pagination, but otherwise fine.


   Classic (240 x 302) fits 1x0 screens perfectly
        Universal (202 x 280)fits all screens and can be rotated but is
the smallest form factor there is (which is why it works on all machines).
        MP2000-Portrait (298 x 388) for the 2x00 screen in vertical mode
        MP2000-Landscape (414 x 276) for a 2x00 in horizontal mode
        MP2000-2Up (Choice between 202 x 280 single or double page) yes
if in horizontal double page vertical is single
        eMate-Portrait (302 x 436, will _not_ work on MP2100)-nope the
reason is the screen is slightly larger
        eMate-Landscape (464 x 282, will _not_ work on MP2100)
        eMate-2Up (224 x 282, will work on MP2100)

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