Re: [NTLK] [OT] Conjure (was no inewton)

From: Chilton Webb <>
Date: Sat Sep 12 2009 - 18:57:55 EDT

Hi Joe!
On Sep 11, 2009, at 9:36 AM, wrote:
> Indeed it looks like a cool app, but the first thing I noticed right
> off the bat is it doesnt work on 10.4 & G3's :-( Does it use
> programming stuctures or APIs only available in 10.5?

Yes, I actually took a shot at making it backwards compatible a number
of times over the last year, but fell short on a number of items.

1) It relies on CoreAnimation for some things (the overview mode, that
lets you see all of your desktops at a glance, and zoom in and out of
them). While CA is mostly used for eye candy, in my app I'm using a
specific API to built that window, and that in turn relies on CA under
the hood. And for that reason, the API isn't even available in 10.4,

2) It relies on trackpad gestures only found in Leopard

3) I use two small parts of the Objective-C 2.0 language. As far as I
know, this only works in Leopard and newer.

4) Apple is actively fixing bugs as they go along, so I'm already
walking on eggshells to support some things in Leopard, which are
fixed by more usable APIs in Snow Leopard.

Yes, that sucks, and if it were even slightly easier to do, I'd
support 10.4. And I'm sure I'd pick up a few new users if I could. And
it's still on my radar as a possible thing to do later on.

But for now, it's 10.5 and later.


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