Re: [NTLK] No iNewton announced today

From: Ken Whitcomb <>
Date: Sun Sep 13 2009 - 11:28:56 EDT

One common omission that I notice when people make comparisons between
products is in the software and firmware in each device. For instance,
when comparing so called "cost" of products, people either
conveniently forget or are simply ignorant of the differences that
exist in the software that is part of one product, and missing from

As simply one example, if you compare the specs on an Apple TV and a
competitive device like the Roku, one might be led to believe that
they're the same product. Upon installing, configuring, and using the
two devices, it becomes evident quickly that they are simply not in
the same class. Looking at the list below, the same is true in each
case from my experience when supporting these same devices. From the
standpoint of billable hours, I'll sell a non-Apple product any time.
It means more money in my pocket up front, and later for support. It
also means the client will be replacing their devices sooner; again,
more billable time for my company. If the client specs out Apple
products, that's what they'll get, but steering them that way? No one
in the IT industry wants to cut their own throat.


On Sep 13, 2009, at 8:35 AM, M. Horvat wrote:

>> Apple has never been better. From Snow Leopard, to the Mac Mini and
>> MacBook Air, to Time Capsule and the iPhone, they have the most
>> compelling products ever.
> Depends on what you mean with "most compelling":
> MS-DOS is more stable than Snow Leopard, and a lot more bloat-free
> too.
> The Mac Mini is the most expensive computer of its size I've ever
> seen, and compared to what you can do with a Via Artigo, much less
> powerful.
> MacBook Air? Very pretty and thin, but kind of awkward when it
> becomes obsolete in less than two years (and the battery goes bad
> even before that!). Reputedly there's a Dell laptop that's thinner
> than the Air.
> Time Capsule... that's OK, but expensive.
> iPhone? Well, I guess if they want to call it a phone, they should
> just make a phone (as in "Ericsson GA628" - I consider it a very
> good phone). Otherwise it's OK.
> And for the sake of convenience, please stop making "Apple tablet
> coming soon" threads every two months.
> Thank you.
> -Matej Horvat

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