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It is a bit misleading, but lets look at it. Actually, the vast majority of the Air is not .76" thick: its thickness is not uniform, and is .16-.76" thick. Technically, while a portion toward the back of it is .76" thick, it tapers and becomes thinner towards the front half. So in the back portion, it is thicker than the Adamo in that area, but other parts are much less than .65" thick, which is the Adamo's uniform thickness.

Therefore, the MacBook Air is actually thinner than the Adamo in many areas, while the Adamo is thinner than the Air in comparison to the back portion. And when you look at them side-by-side, the Air's non-uniform, thinner design illustrates just how much more thin it is than the Adamo.

Here is an excellent comparison showing the marked differences between the Adamo and the Air. So while the Air gets thicker towards the back it does not have that bulge out the back like the Adamo, although it does sacrifice IO for this.

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On Sep 13, 2009, at 11:04 AM, Ryan Vetter wrote:

> -Strawman: all computers become "obselete" and all laptop batteries
> go bad. And the Adamo currently on sale has much less power than
> the Air and is not technically as thin (the Air at its thinnest
> point is .16 inches; the Adamo... .65 inches). In addition, the
> Adamo weighs a full 1 lb. more than the Air: base models are the
> same price.

I agree with most of what you wrote, but be fair here. You should be
measuring the thickest part of the Air, not the thinnest. The thinnest
part only refers to the outer edge. Tapering is not the same thing as
reducing overall thickness. The vast majority of the Air is 0.76"
thick, which makes the Adamo 15% thinner. Saying the Air is thinner
because the outer edge is thinner is quite misleading.


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