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From: Ryan Vetter <>
Date: Mon Sep 14 2009 - 21:59:17 EDT

Classilla is great. Nothing like Safari though, but for OS 9, it's probably the best.

Browsing under OS 9 just gets more and more difficult as the days go on... but if Classilla gets updated frequently, they may have something....

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--- On Mon, 9/14/09, Lord Groundhog <> wrote:

>> c) I preferred OS9 and would have been happy to stay
>> with it but couldn't find a reliable web browser.
> In defiance of commonly accepted wisdom, I liked Netscape.
> And I found that once I got up to Netscape 7.1, it was very
> stable (I may be the only person who ever thought so). And
> once Opera came out, I went with that and was delighted.

Has anyone played around with Classilla? I know there was a lot of excitment and anticipation around having a decent "modern" browser for OS 9, but I sure don't hear people talk about it much now that it's actually seen the light of day.

No offense intended, but: did it fizzle upon release? Or is it simply a matter of the number of people clinging to OS 9 being comparatively small (a secret cabal of sorts) and not making much noise?

I ask because I use Mozilla for browsing, but have been reluctant to install Classilla as it asks you to dump Mozilla, first. Since I've yet to hear about how good Classilla is/isn't, this isn't something I want to do, only to find that Classilla still has a long way to go.

Browsing with Mozilla can get pretty ugly, but as the old song goes "I've grown accustomed to her face." :)


James Fraser

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