[NTLK] For Sale: Classic Newton T-Shirts...

From: Maurice Sharp <msharp_at_pobox.com>
Date: Wed Sep 16 2009 - 12:51:38 EDT

Hi folks,
I have some original Newton T-Shirts for sale. All are XL and all are
in mint condition, never worn. The base price for each shirt is shown
below, add shipping and handling of $5 for US or $10 for international
for each shirt. All costs are in US$.

Payment via PayPal (or, if you are in the Bay Area and can come by
Cupertino, cash :-)

First come first serve.

You can see the T-shirts at:


The quantities and cost:

Shirt Quantity Cost
Purple T 9 $30
Think Fast 1 $30
Intelligence By Newton 1 $40
protoNewtonDeveloper 2 $30
Newton Solution Provider 2 $30

Look for more coming as I dig through boxes :-) I have various Newton
stickers to come, as well as several devices and accessories.

Maurice Sharp

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