[NTLK] [OT] Re: "My Browser's Better'n Your Browser"

From: Bob Carls Dudney <kosmicdollop_at_saber.net>
Date: Fri Sep 18 2009 - 10:51:25 EDT

various wrote:

Ya'll asked for it:

iCab* has dozens of features other browsers haven't dreamed of, including:

                       *one of best reasons to use a Mac

Maximally powerful/flexible filtering of virtually every web feature
and plug-in, including:

     block virtually all ads, esp. 3rd-party (my CPU also loves)
     12 JScript options
     security & privacy options
     custom style sheets*

                      *fonts/colors are what -- I -- like

all available on global or per -page or -[sub]site basis (wildcards
and nesting provide endless options); on/off toggle on every filter
and grouping.

E.g: one of my favorite sites is chock full o' Flash ads: custom
filter blocks 'em all, saving my CPU (and saving disk from endless

                      *BTW, turning OS X swapping off is great

-- Oh, how I hate Adobe Flash [to tune of "Oh, how I hate to get up
in the mornin' "] --

Many dozens more options in 23 preference panes plus hidden prefs.
Many with menubar toggles. Dozens contextual menu options.

Built-in error checking html code -- great for designing

1-character search engine selection

Best archiving (Zip; preserves URL)

Etc, etc.

Main drawback is bit less support for multimedia,* but I mostly
browse for info, not entertainment.

                    *mostly (only?) non-compliant sites

Was web compliant from beginning (why occasional sites messy; thank
goodness Camino supports Google Maps).

Great, prompt support, even before I registered.

Well worth registering for frequent updates/upgrades developer calls
beta versions, but have always been stable since many years.

And: no corporate sponsor/monster!

THEY've often played catch-up to iCab innovations, but remain far behind.

Happy browsing,


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