Re: [NTLK] [OT] iCab download

From: James Fraser <>
Date: Sat Sep 19 2009 - 22:02:25 EDT


--- On Sat, 9/19/09, Bob Carls Dudney <> wrote:

> On 18/9/09, James Fraser wrote:
> |
> >how to rename files before download
> I'm not aware that's an option. It's not mentioned in the
> help file, either, nor is there a preference to activate such an
> option.
> One can choose the *folder* to download to from download
> manager dialog.
> All I know is changing name after the file's on ones disk,
> per Finder or so.

Right. It's just that the download manager in iCab offers so many different (and esoteric) options, I found myself baffled that the fairly straightforward option to rename a file before downloading it was left out. @_@

Oh, well. Thanks for the reply. At least now I know I wasn't overlooking something glaringly obvious. :)


James Fraser

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