Re: [NTLK] OT: Food Fight :P (WAS Re: How would I find my Newtons serial number)

From: Joseph Reilly <>
Date: Mon Sep 21 2009 - 23:49:04 EDT

Hi Sonny,
I chose my words very carefully as being ignorant of a subject simply
means lacking knowledge of said subject (which in this case is me, or
really my personal reasons for being unhappy with apple and the
products listed), where as clueless means completely or hopelessly
unaware, which is a bit different. I'm not usually a "language
commando" but I wanted to highlight the fact that Dennis was making
assumptions about my personal opinions without actually asking me why
I hold those opinions (and most of his assumptions about me were
wrong). He was/is ignorant (uninformed) of my reasons which I would've
gladly discussed with him if he'd asked, but he blindly assumed the
reasons behind my opinions are the same as other peoples. He assumed
I'm anti-apple, pro-ms, uninformed about wireless standards here/
internationally and pro-verizon or pro-tmobile (which I will concede I
like tmobile but the other assumptions are wrong) . I am unhappy (even
angry) with apple with all the items on that list and to some degree I
think they are all "fails" although some smaller (larger) then others.
The whole list was supposed to be some what "tongue in cheek" as I
thought my excessive use of exclamation points and "Epic Fail!"
pointed out, however I guess some people took it a little more
serious. As someone else (Christian) pointed out I used "we" to
describe my disappointment with apple because I've heard most of those
gripes with apple echoed here at one point or another but I fully
expected that not everyone would agree with everything on the list...
but I hope a few people agreed with some of my gripes and chuckled at
their presentation? The part at the end after my list was a little
more serious as I truly am frustrated with apple and wonder why I (we)
can't get the products/features I (we) want from apple when microsoft
is starting to try harder to please consumers (after years of seeming
to cater more to enterprise users IMHO). Either way an informed
logical counter point to my reasons/opinions is always welcome (versus
a reactionary counter point full of assumption). That is also why on
various occasions I've asked the list for likes/dislikes of the newton
and ipod touch/iphone as I like to hear opinions both complementary
and contrary to mine along with the reasons that formed said opinions
( I have been known to reform my opinions when presented with a very
good counter point too). A current example is how I now know why
Dennis believes apple went with att and I stated my counter belief for
the att lock-in (plus my dislike for it although Dennis never said if
he actually likes the iphone being locked to att). Truth be told,
neither he nor I will probably ever fully know apples reasons for that
choice (its probably a combination of all our reasons or maybe aliens
told them to do it lol). In closing, I think healthy debate is a
wonderful part of this list and I was simply trying to clarify my
reasons (without being insulting) as Dennis was ignorant of the
reasons behind my opinions and made assumptions about said reasons/
opinions rather then simply ask me, (which could've led to a nice
debate over the merits/demerits of the named products but instead
we're now here).

btw thank you, I hope you're doing good as well.

Joe Reilly

On Sep 21, 2009, at 3:19 PM, Sonny Hung wrote:

> On Mon, Sep 21, 2009 at 2:41 PM, <> wrote:
>> Dennis,
>> Actually your response shows your ignorance about me...
>> Joe Reilly
>> ------Original Message------
>> From: Dennis B. Swaney
>> Subject: Re: [NTLK] How would I find my Newtons serial number
>> Sent: Sep 21, 2009 09:30
>> wrote:
>>> Well after apples more recent Epic Fail track record I have no
>>> faith in
>> any of their current or rumored product lines! Iphone locked to
>> att? Epic
>> Fail! ...
>> ROTLMAO! That post just shows how clueless you are.
> First Off: I'd say that I wish the both of you well.
> Secondly: Can we keep discussions like this Off List as these are now
> getting personal.
> I don't believe this list is for that purpose or benefits from it.
> We can disagree, but there is no need for this.
> --
> God bless,
> Sonny Hung
> the Hung Family
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