Re: [NTLK] [OT] Re: speed: OS X's fault

From: Bob Carls Dudney <>
Date: Wed Sep 23 2009 - 00:29:41 EDT

On 21/9/09, L.W. Brown wrote:
>I read swapping is necessary when copying files

I don't believe that. The system caches all sorts of stuff in RAM all
the time (which is obviously much more responsive than swap). And I
still have a swapfile, it's just empty all the time.

That warning's undoubtedly from someone who doesn't get the
difference between swap and virtual memory (probably stuck in Classic
Mac OS concepts/misunderstandings like I was 'til recently).

I've noticed no problems copying/moving files since killing swap.
Indeed, I found an iDVD project built fine without swapping.

>2 tricks have sped things up a bit on oldLeop

So multiply that by several times and you can imagine what I'm
experiencing with no swapping.

>on SnoLeop memory mgt has (reportedly) dramatically improved

Is that report(s) in addition to the link I posted for compiling a
new dynamic_pager? (That post didn't use any dramatic words.)

Please, and thank you,


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