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I dunno, on my aspire one the stock Intel 8gb SSD is the bottleneck and it doesn't spin :-)
I found out after I got it just how slow the stock (read: cheap) SSD is, but it was still the cheapest netbook for hackintoshing and slightly slimmer then the HDD models (it can take a zif HDD if I really want to get froggy). I never saw much from disabling swap as I only run a few things at a time (xcode, IB, camino and preview)but I did try it to speed up safari but since safari uses its own disk caches and wasn't touching swap it didn't do anything. The solution was to use a system preference pane add on callled esperance DV. It creates ram disks like used to be on OS9 and can restore a ram disk image at startup so I have a ram disk image loaded with portable camino that loads at startup and since all of Portable Caminos caches are on ram disk I can actually surf the net quickly compared to safari (with caches on the SSD). Esperance DV is supposed to have an option to move safari caches to ram disk but it didn't seem to do anything for current safari versions (which is why I use portable camino). Didn't r
eally understand why people use ram disks until I got a slow SSD :-D

Joe Reilly

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On Sep 22, 2009, at 9:29 PM, Bob Carls Dudney wrote:

> That warning's undoubtedly from someone who doesn't get the
> difference between swap and virtual memory (probably stuck in Classic
> Mac OS concepts/misunderstandings like I was 'til recently).

Interesting. What is the difference?

This question comes from a guy with a RAID of 15,000 RPM SAS drives
dedicated solely to Photoshop swap. I understand that is different
from what the system does when it does swapping but would love to
learn more about reducing the performance bottlenecks on my machine
(I'm pretty certain reliance on spinning disks is the primary
performance bottleneck in almost any machine still running.)


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