Re: [NTLK] Courier microsoft

From: L.W. Brown <>
Date: Wed Sep 23 2009 - 14:07:04 EDT

However bad is Apple, M$ is far, far worse!

On 23. Sep., 2009, at 12:21 PM, Valerio Paris Mitritsakis wrote:

> Microsoft is saying that they are working on a project that might look
> like what you've seen.
> This does not mean it will work out like that. Microsoft has a
> tendency to go public about
> projects the are working on only to freeze the market enough so that
> their competitors sell
> less of product x and in the end come up with a crippled version of
> what they've shown and
> ages later. Just look for Longhorn concept on youtube. It was supposed
> to come out on October
> 2003 and came out on October 2006 as vista. If you see the concept
> you'll see what I mean...

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