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Quick question Andy, is it geek safe that's letting you password protect your private notes or supernotepad? Thanks
Joe Reilly
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I use the Newt every day as follows:

SuperNotepad - adds superb features to Notes + extended features on
managing folders.
Wake Up Call - Morning Alarm (allows own recordings as well as in built
Geek Safe: All passwords and user names for everything, work, home, bank
Backlight Plus - adds discrete user defined areas on screen to tap and
bring on backlight.
Options: Allows freezing of packages, increases to the number of
clipboards + change when battery warning appears.

MoreInfo - Superb but heavy to use on MP2000 given limited heap. I turn
off 'At A Glance' and 'Prefs' and use the built in Dates pacakge
instead. But this still brings up all the additional features of More
Info which is great. (Heap is a real drag on an MP2000 if you work it -
I have everything frozen that I'm not using and I still run out of heap
periodically and have to restart). Currently I assign all major work
projects as a Company in Names then link the task / item to the Name.

I++ - this includes very handy buttons like Sleep and Keyboard + allows
you to switch between open packages + loads of other features. Currently
frozen but use mostly when cutting and pasting sketches between packages.

My Newton is used at work all day long - mainly keeping and amending
extensive list of contacts + meeting scheduling and todos. I would go
mad without it.
Also reminders of when I need to pick up the kids from school, birthdays
and other commitments.

For entertainment:
NewtPaint, HexPaint and Works (with drawing package) for sketches /
Xport for transferring these to desktop.
Mailv for emailing sketches to desktop or occasional email proper.(Have
had WLAN, ethernet and dial up options working).
AvailWorks clip art.

Personal reflections
Sometimes late at night I make some brief notes on the newt about
memorable issues from the day, good and bad. The most private ones are
password protected.

My global folders are arranged as follows;

Art and ideas
Family and Friends
Health and well-being
Home, animals, vehicles

Everything: names, todos, notes are stored in one of the above folders.
Supernotepad allows you to set filters like 'not' work. So that if I
can't bear the thought of looking at work things I can filter on
everything else.

Also have some newton books made with Press that have a few choice
pictures of favourite relatives, both dead and alive.

Have also tried, many times but am not using at present:
NewtToDo (but it doesn't allow you to assign names).
Timetrax - good alternative to More Info - not as many features but not
so heavy on heap.
Address Access and Address Access Pro
Lextionary - Dictionary.
Bernie's Book Reader
HyperNewt - keep going back and forth with this.
DateMan - Really like the Goals feature but found the rest clunky.
Avis Backdrop.

Lots of other extensions added: Extras Select All, Big Notes, Unprotect
Eggs, Graph Paper, Styles+, Hypernames (not needed at present as More
info does this anyway), Quick Figure Works spreadsheet.

Last but not least I have a flashcard which I call 'Software Store' that
I put everything I'm not using regularly.

Am hankering over an MP2100 or an upgrade to my MP2000 - just for more
heap but consider the Newton to be a companion in life not just a gadget.

All the best.


Mike Rodgers wrote:
> I concur.
> Stefan Thorsteinson wrote:
>> Gary,
>> you should check out MoreInfo.
>> Cheers,
>> Stefan Thorsteinson

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