[NTLK] Ethernet woes

From: Jeremy O'Brien <obrien654j_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu Sep 24 2009 - 21:43:54 EDT

So I've been experimenting with getting NCX to work on my MBP with my
emate. I have a 3com 3c589C card that seems to be supported by the
driver I have installed on the emate. I'm just having a weird issue. I'm
using TCP/IP transport for NCX in the Dock application on the emate to
connect to my mac. I have successfully gotten it to work twice out of
about ten times, and I'm not sure what makes it work and what doesn't.
The dongle I use to connect my pcmcia card to an ethernet cable has a
light on it that indicates connectivity. I notice that when I try to
initiate a connection on the emate, the light will blink on and then
quickly turn off when it doesn't work, and it will blink and then light
up and stay on when it does work. The first time I got it to work was
immediately after a soft reboot, and it failed immediately after. I
soft-rebooted again, and it did not work immediately, but took 4-5
failed attempts before it decided to work again. I would really like to
have a reliable method to get my notes off of this thing... The problem
is that my only computer with a serial connection runs linux, and linux
support isn't there for getting stuff off the newton. I use UnixNPI to
install packages to it, and that works just fine. I'm just lost as to
how I can get my notes/works docs off of it. Everytime I think I find a
reliable solution, something goes wrong :(

Jeremy O'Brien aka neutral_insomniac
IRC nick: piroko
GPG key: 0xB1140FDB http://pohl.ececs.uc.edu/~jeremy/jeremy.asc
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