Re: [NTLK] Ethernet woes

From: Jeremy O'Brien <>
Date: Fri Sep 25 2009 - 09:15:01 EDT

On Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 12:03:30AM -0500, Woody Smith wrote:
> I had a similar problem with a couple of wired ethernet cards. One of
> these cards had been my primary card until I started using Wifi. The
> I rece3ived a new ethernet card and wanted to test it and had a
> similar experience to yours, went back to my old reliable card and it
> likewise didn't work. It clearly had nothing to do with NCX as I
> didn't get an IP address, the router didn't see the Newt.
> I had replaced my router.
> I found by chance that at another ethernet connecter in my house, that
> had a 10/100 switcher between it and the router, I got 100% connection.
> If you can see what happens if you put a Hub or Switcher between the
> router and the ethernet card. Its possible to get one at a used
> computer store.
> search ethernet hub on ebay find one for less than $20.
> good luck
> Woody

Yeah, unfortunately the newton was already hooked up to my switch when
it failed. It seems that the problem is on the newton end. It won't even
attempt to connect most of the time (I have verified this via packet
captures). I'm not too worried about it anymore though. With the
serial->usb adaptor, I'll be able to free up some space on my emate by
getting rid of all the internet-related packages anyway. So it'll be
best in the end.

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