Re: [NTLK] Good PCMCIA Cards?

From: Dan <>
Date: Fri Sep 25 2009 - 10:03:57 EDT is a good starting link.
 Pretec linear cards are often compatible. But that site tells you the
voltages to look for. You didn't mention what Newton you have, so if
you want to be safe and compatible with everything look for 5v read 12v
write. The site also mentions a few other card brands.

As for copying packages, no. For the simple reason that the newton goes
by name and package ID when it is installed. And both can't be active
(unfrozen) at the same time. If it is, the newton will disable one.
You can move them, but not copy and have two on the newton at the same
time using only the newton. The only way to get around this to fully
clone a card (using only your newton) requires 3 cards using SBM
utilities and a MP2x00. Two blank and the original. You would insert
the original card and a blank card. Use SBM to backup the smaller card
to the blank newer card (it creates a special backup soup on your blank
card, which is the only way this can be done). Then you remove the
original card, insert the second blank card and restore from the backup
you just made.

The second option is to use a desktop to backup the newton (and card)
then restore it to the larger card. And if you only have a MP1x0 this
is your only option. Unless you have a friend with a MP2x00 they will
let you barrow for a few minutes.


On 9/25/2009 6:12 AM, SteveCraft wrote:
> I bought a couple of what-I-thought-would-work linear PCMCIA 20mb cards from
> eBay and they don't work. Can anyone point me to large "known good" brands
> or a list of items currently on eBay that I can use? 4mb is just not enough
> storage.
> Also, what app allows copying packages from internal storage to PCMCIA and
> back? Not moving. Something like beaming to yourself. That would allow me to
> selectively (quickly?) back up items to a new card once I get something
> bigger than the 4mb.
> Thanks.

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