Re: [NTLK] Ethernet woes

From: Don Zahniser <>
Date: Fri Sep 25 2009 - 12:03:22 EDT

On 9/24/09, Don Zahniser wrote:

>I am now ready to start troubleshooting this again, and I think I recall
>having had the same problem previously. My theory is that there is some
>sort of timing issue between NIE, Dock, and NCX that makes the
>connection failure-prone. I vaguely recall that initiating the TCP/IP
>connection (e.g. - with Courier) then launching the Dock and connecting
>to NCX gave me better luck (although not perfect) when I was connecting
>through ethernet more often a year or two ago. I haven't had a chance
>yet to test it out, but I intend to do so in the next couple of days.

OK - I spent some quality time with my MP2100 this morning, and have
some observations (in no particular order):

 - When I initiated my TCP/IP connection from either NetHopper or
Courier, and then quit the browser and launched Dock, the Dock
connection to NCX came up quickly, and I was able to perform NCX
functions, with no problems.

 - When I initiated my TCP/IP connection through the Dock, it was hit-or-
miss whether I would get a TCP/IP connection established.

 - It seemed as though the more attempts (good or bad) I made to connect
to TCP/IP. the slower my MP2100 ran (at least as far as trying to
establish a TCP/IP connection, but maybe other processes as well).

 - I had Console running on my Pismo while doing my testing. NCX puts
out messages to Console.log while it is running. With respect to
ethernet, it 'normally' puts up this one at startup:

[Date] [Time] NCX[9800] Net service will publish.

Upon disconnect from my MP2100 via closing Dock, I got this one:

[Date] [Time] NCX[9781] Not listening for ethernet connection: error -98205.

I quit NCX and restarted it immediately, and got the same message!

I then quit NCX, waited about a minute, and restarted it, and got the
'Net service will publish' message.

So, it appears that I have identified two 'workarounds' to ethernet
connectivity via NCX:

1) Make a TCP/IP connection first before trying to connect to NCX via
the Dock and TCP/IP;
2) If, for some reason, the connection between the Newton and NCX over
ethernet is terminated, and you want to perform more tasks with NCX, it
may be better to quit NCX, wait a minute or two, relaunch NCX, then carry on.


 - Don


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