Re: [NTLK] Big Font?

From: Frank Gruendel <>
Date: Sun Sep 27 2009 - 15:38:35 EDT

> I am trying to make a simple app that displays big numbers in NewtCard.
> Numbers at least as big as what's in BigCountdown
> (

> What packages (fonts, etc) should I install to get monster sized fonts? I'd
> rather not load up the app with giant bitmaps.

If I were to write such an application, I would not use bitmaps at all. I'd use the available
drawing routines. You need but one shape, namely one of the 7 segments of a 7 segment display.
Drawing this shape multiple times either horizontally or rotated by 90 degrees should allow you to
display all numbers just like a 7 segment display does. You could even scale the size quite easily
and experiment with fill patterns without increasing your application's memory footprint at all. All
these drawing routines are already part of the Newton's OS and free for the taking :-)

For more info see the "Drawing and Graphics" chapter in the Newton Programmer's Guide, which is
available for download here:


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